How to Reduce the Cost of Exhibiting


Exhibiting a booth at trade shows and events is complex. From trade show exhibit shipping and storage to electricity, set-up, takedown and more, there’s more to exhibiting at your next trade show than just booking space and bringing your display.

One of the largest expenditures after booth space and travel costs is the cost of installation, drayage and dismantling. Drayage costs can be significant, but there are many ways to reduce these expenses. The general services and official specialty contractors can help you avoid logistical mistakes, and maximize your cost efficiencies.

The general services contractor plays a key role in the success of your show. They are the official partner and right hand of the show manager who is hosting the show. But the general services contractor does not only work for show management. Savvy, experienced exhibitors know that the general services contractor also holds the key to keeping down the logistical costs of trade show marketing.

The general services contractor offers a host of services to support exhibitors including furniture rental, exhibitor orientation, installation and dismantle labor, freight services, custom graphics, audio-visual, automated lead retrieval and an in-house, on-site dedicated customer service team to handle any issues, questions or emergencies that arise during the show. Because the general services contractor is offering these services on a large scale to support the entire show, they own and maintain a complete inventory of all necessary equipment. In those cases where outside suppliers are needed, the general services contractor negotiates discounted package deals with their network of suppliers and passes these savings on to exhibitors.

There are two international companies that handle most shows. However, many regional show managers use boutique general services contractor companies such as ExpoPlus that provide many of the same services at a much better price. If you would like to see if we can lower your cost of exhibiting, contact us for a free consultation.