Trade Show Success: Driving Innovation Through Outsourcing


We are living in an age of trade show clutter. By some estimates, there are more than 14,000 trade show options available to attendees. The need has never been greater to create a distinctive and compelling reason for attendees to come to your show. Yet many association executives are so engrossed in day to day operations and membership support that they lack the time, objectivity, perspective and outside experience needed to develop a truly innovative event. The result is a laundry-list of look-alike shows, expos and events. Given the difficulties this situation can bring, what is an association executive to do?

According to a recent study, more and more association executives and meeting planners are turning to outside talent to increase attendance, attract sponsors, and drive member engagement. Over 80% of associations are outsourcing at least some trade show functions including event strategy and marketing, exhibit installation and dismantling, graphic design, multimedia and video, advertising and sponsorship sales, membership technology, and tradeshow management are some of the most commonly outsourced services.

Outsourcing offers associations managers several key advantages:

  • Expertise in specialized areas.
    Staying on top of the latest membership technology and presentation tools is both costly and complex job. By turning to specialists in this area, your show will have the advantage of cutting-edge thinking and tools without having to make an ongoing investment in these areas.
  • The ability to focus on core business functions.
    Delegating specific functions to external specialists, frees your internal team to focus on your core mission: serving your members and their needs.
  • Risk mitigation.
    Outsourcing to a skilled partner reduces the risk of having the same functions performed by in-house staff that may lack the expertise and competency needed to succeed in that area.
  • Cost savings.
    Most associations only host a few major event during the year. Using an outside specialist on an as needed basis is more cost effective than hiring permanent staff for a temporary need.
  • ExpoPlus is a full-service events company. We coordinate closely with Bodden Partners, our parent company that specializes in marketing communications and public relations. Together we offer our clients an end-to-end solution to meet all their event needs. If you would like help planning a distinctive event that will stand out from the clutter, increase attendance, attract sponsors and drive member engagement, contact us for a free consultation.